Hülya de Bruine started as an entrepreneur around 20 years ago, but it wasn't until 2015, after a career in Business Consultancy & Development and bringing up a young family, she decided to express her love for crafts through Haute Couture Embroidery. Each year Hülya receives personalised training at Maison Lesage Paris, the prestigious atelier and school for Broderie d'Art owned by CHANEL. To train at the world's greatest artistic embroidery house in magical Paris is a dream come true.

Crafthouse is a concept Hülya created in 2019 for designers and craftsmen to express their own talent and contribute to the beauty of this world. As part of a larger collection it's in the Boutique store where you will find her exceptional hand embroidered lifestyle and interior design collection.

Visit our Boutique Store at Kijkduin to view Hülya's exclusive collection of hand embroidered lifestyle and interior design.

Broderie d'Art by Hülya in the making | Crafthouse Store Kijkduin