Up Candle Design | Crafthouse Store Nieuw Kijkduin

UP Candle Design was conceived in early 2021 with the intention of creating a different kind of candle - an experience, a story, a connection.

In an increasingly consumerist world where mass production has led to a general decrease in value and subsequently to a devastating impact on our environment -people lost touch and became disconnected. Founders Marge and Jure - with shared love for design, arts, crafts and nature - wanted to create a product one interacts with and uses daily that makes you contemplate and become aware. Something conscious and sustainable. Candle-making and the subtle properties of organic wax was perfect for what they were trying to achieve. Using 3D technology along with traditional casting and modelling techniques they created their own candle sculptures and poured their thoughts and hearts into them.

Visit our Boutique Store at Nieuw Kijkduin to view UP's unique collection of sculptural candle design or explore online at Crafthouse.