Fin du Siècle, office in Rotterdam

Fin du Siècle, Rotterdam | Crafthouse Interior Projects Fin du Siècle in Rotterdam, guest lounge | Crafthouse Store Kijkduin


Colourful Art, artist gallery in The Hague


Treasure hunting, home villa in Bergschenhoek

Stackable travel trunks were the first products crafted by the renowned French luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Today, vintage Louis Vuitton trunks, which became available as railway travel was gaining popularity in the 1850s, are typically used as practical pieces of furniture or welcoming décor in modern homes. Whether they’re used as durable coffee tables, nightstands or case pieces, these time-tested steamer trunks are versatile. The right vintage Louis Vuitton trunk can prove a dynamic home accent for modern interiors, as Crafthouse achieved for their client in Bergschenhoek, The Netherlands after some serious treasure hunting.

Vintage Louis Vuitton trunk | Crafthouse Store Nieuw Kijkduin Balloon travels in child's room | Crafthouse Interior Projects


Timeless Elegance & Luxurious Comfort, 19th century house in The Hague

Beautiful 19th century house in the heart of The Hague with period features and high ceilings. Using the colour combo of the moment, pink and green, Crafthouse furnished this stunning period flat combining traditional decorations with urban chic designs.

Embracing romanticism of the glamorous and poetic era of the 18th & 19th centuries, we choose an elegant damask wallpaper featuring gilded peacocks from the Cole & Son Albemarle collection. This was actually our starting point. We continued with a kitchen design by Interieuver as a contrast of periods (Victorian style kitchen with contemporary functionalities) which is featured in July 2020 by Villa d'Arte Magazine. Adding a fireplace embedded in a green marble mantelpiece, ceiling molding and a wooden floor in herringbone pattern created just the atmosphere we were looking for. Then we added more elegance with modern and comfortable design seating by Baan (such as the Macarone pouf featured in November 2019 by Residence Magazine), bespoke furnishings by Authentic Models (take a look at the bar cabinet), luxurious Italian kitchen and bed linen by Once Milano and many more design items (don't you just love the Lex Pott candles?) and even some vintage and antique from our private collection.

Fireplace City Mansion The Hague, Crafthouse Home Styling

Tulips in Vase City Mansion The Hague, Crafthouse Home Styling

Bar Cabinet City Mansion The Hague, Crafthouse Home Styling

Kitchen Tap City Mansion The Hague, Crafthouse Home Styling

Bread in Kitchen City Mansion The Hague, Crafthouse Home Styling

Nespresso Corner City Mansion The Hague, Crafthouse Home Styling

Bed Linen City Mansion The Hague, Crafthouse Home Styling

Wallpaper Bathroom City Mansion The Hague, Crafthouse Home Styling

Entrance Hall City Mansion The Hague, Crafthouse Home Styling


Relaxed sophistication, city mansion in Bergen Op Zoom

A brand new Bergen Op Zoom city mansion that oozes relaxed sophistication. With the finishing touch of Crafthouse, the owners created a true family home, using atmospheric colours and a characterful mix of furniture. Helping to re-infuse the space with a sense of authenticity was Crafthouse's selection of artisanal designs. "It's amazing what Crafthouse did" says the delighted owner. Just by adding a few handcrafted items to my house completed the natural look I love so much".

Extending from the front to the back is an open kitchen and dining area with glass walls opening up to the outdoors. It is voluminous and purposeful - the pièce de résistance of the project and our point of departure. The main thing we did was adding green to the oh-so easy to use colour grey and created a palette with both cool and warm tones to open up the space while at the same time bringing intimacy into the room. We used crocheted placemats and cushions made of hand spun sansevieria fiber by Angela Damman; contemporary - handmade in Venice - kitchen and table linen by Once Milano; design candles moulded by Dutch designer Lex Pott himself and just a few other items from the Crafthouse home collection.

The sitting area we uplifted easily by rearranging furniture and adding some handmade Italian design cushions by LO Decor and -never to be underestimated- powerful fresh flowers.


More to come, we're shooting!