Twins, Tweek-Eek | Crafthouse Store Nieuw Kijkduin

Full of energy and enthusiasm the twin sisters Roos and Geertje Eek started Tweek. Their expertise and qualities fit perfectly together. Roos has a background in metalwork and Geertje has experience in product design. Because of these qualities and the ability to combine their knowledge and skills the twins are able to design and produce in the unique way that they are currently doing in their studio based in Eindhoven.

 The massive machines the twin sisters use for production are not originally meant to produce jewelry, but are intended for furniture or high-tech industry. The sisters found a way to create their designs with this kind of machines allowing them to pursue one of their core values, which is producing exclusively in the Netherlands. They care deeply about every piece that leaves the studio and are involved in every step of the way, allowing them to ensure the high quality of Tweek-Eek products at a fair price. The machines and materials (re-)used give the jewelry a robust look in contrast to their elegant design. It is the combination of these factors that makes the pieces innovative, timeless, rough and yet elegant.

Tweek-Eek is featured in Vogue, L'officiel, Marie Claire and Linda Magazine.

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