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Archea Sculptural Candle


Archea (from Archean Eon, the second of four geologic eons of Earth's history) sculptural candle features geo reminiscent morphology with deep creases revolving and spreading through the sphere. This conspicuous candle was inspired by the geologic eon of Earth's history when Earth's crust had cooled enough for continents to form and for the earliest known life to start. When lit, Archea Candle unravels the hidden story of its canyons and casts shadows which evoke memories of eons past.

Now exclusively at Crafthouse.

  • Handmade in Croatia

  • 100% natural soy wax and cotton

  • Dimensions (cm): H 10

  • Burn time: 40 hrs

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Read the story of Up Candle Design about conscious candle-making.

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**unless delivery time is differently reflected on the product page or in exceptional cases the style or colour of your choice will need longer production and delivery time

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