The Very Good Candle Company | Crafthouse Store Nieuw Kijkduin  "We want to live a 'conscious' life: a life in which we make purposeful decisions to be aware of, and sensitive to, our surroundings. By making small changes in our everyday habits, we can begin that process." This is the story of Isil, the founder and maker of The Very Good Candle Company.

The Very Good Candle Company is an eco-friendly and cruelty-free natural goods company, focused on non-toxic, plant-based candles. Sustainability is the focus of this company, so they avoid using unnecessary packaging materials. The Very Good Candle Company sources all its ingredients locally or within the EU to support smaller businesses and reduce the overall carbon footprint. Their rapeseed candles are all hand-poured into beautiful recycled amber glass jars in a small studio located in Amsterdam.

Visit our Boutique Store at Nieuw Kijkduin to view The Very Good Company's collection of hand-poured rapeseed candles or explore online at Crafthouse.