In 1982 Koos Lamboo, the founder of Lamboo Dried & Deco, developed a unique process to dry flowers from Dutch grounds. In summer, when the natural flower is at its most glorious, harvesting takes place requiring a lot of handcraft. Some flower products like Helicrysum and Delphinium are still cut piece by piece by hand. Others such as Acroclinium and Lavender are harvested with a sickle. After the harvest the flowers are dried in the drying rooms. With more than 35 years of experience, Lamboo is expert in the production and quality preservation of dried flowers.

Issues such as Corporate Social Responsibility and respect for people and the environment are embedded in Lamboo’s culture. They work continuously on improving the environmental performance by controlling and reducing their environmental load. Besides focussing on their own activities and staff, Lamboo also challenges clients and suppliers to do the same.

Lamboo Dried & Deco, now at Crafthouse.