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Karolien van Mensvoort | Crafthouse Store Nieuw Kijkduin

Dutch designer Karolien van Mensvoort mixes 'handmade textiles’ with ‘manufactured by machines’. The process of creating textiles itself directs her; by working intuitively and following her free will she enters into stream of ideas, which lead her to making - unplanned - consecutive steps and thus creating layers into her work.

Karolien has had her formal education at the School for the Arts, Artez , in Arnhem, the Netherlands and has been a member of their teaching staff in the past. After working for over 25 years as a fashion designer, print designer, technical draftsman and illustrator, she started concentrating on textiles. Here Karolien found deep fascination and love for the 3-D quality of fibres in their various states during manufacturing and treatment. 

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