Where the blue sky merges with a sparkles sea, you'll find María Morcillo making the traditional footwear of the Pitiusas Islands, the authentic Ibicencan Espadrilles, called espardenyes. She might be busy, but she’s not hurried - quite the contrary. Estrivancus, her company, produces “sustainable fashion, made slowly and with love.”

Estrivancus shoes don’t have wedges and they are not made using canvas, just natural fibres and rubber. "This footwear is very old and belongs to the culture of Ibiza and Formentera". Worn by farmers for work, the shoes were not originally intended for streetwear, and today they are considered part of the regional dress. “When I was little, I remember that all the older women wore these,” Morcillo says. “They wore the typical costumes, with skirts up to the feet, where this beautiful shoe appeared.” Their popularity ebbed with the arrival of ready-made footwear on the market, a trend this craftswoman is trying to reverse one stitch at a time. Craft, Maria believes, is "the new concept of luxury".

Estrivancus is featured in Vogue Magazine.

Now in The Netherlands exclusively at Crafthouse.